A spirit of relaxation

Have you ever noticed how the simplest things in life can make you feel great? All it takes is a lovely landscape, some catchy music, sharing a laugh with friends, a weekend getaway, a cozy sweater, a fluffy armchair, a pair of shades, comfort food or a nice glass of wine. Why ask for more? It’s all about enjoying life, right here, right now. And what better way to heighten one’s joie de vivre than with a touch of spontaneity? So keep things easy and informal with MUSCADET & Compagnie. Forget about spending hours getting things ready: all you need is a bottle of Muscadet and a glass for each of your guests. You don’t have fancy silverware? You’re sitting on the floor? You’re eating with your fingers or straight out of the platter? The music’s too loud? Your recipe didn’t come out the way you wanted? So what? Catch up with friends and family, laugh at their jokes and smile! It feels so good!

Thank you for your interest in the Nantes wine region.

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