The Wines 

Tart, briny and lemony, Gros-plant du Pays Nantais is a true product of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Its pale hue has light golden and green highlights, even when grapes are harvested at the height of maturity. Its refined nose delivers aromas of flowers, green sprouts, grapefruit and lemon. When matured on lees, Gros-plant du Pays Nantais becomes fuller, rounder and more complex without losing its vibrancy and freshness. It is at its best when served quite cold, between 8°C (46°F) and 11°C (52°F).

The Terroir 

Of all the wines of the Val de Loire, Gros-Plant du Pays Nantais grows closest to the coast and to the city of Nantes. It is planted around the city, particularly between the western city limits and the ocean, in the south towards the Grand-Lieu lake and in the east towards Vallet. The highly complex soils of Gros-Plant du Pays Nantais, an AOC since 2011, include gneiss, gabbro, mica schist, amphibolite and greenstone.

Some pairing ideas

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