The Spirit of Refinement

The ocean is such an elegant creature! It inspires lovers of beauty and fine things: outstanding chefs, great couturiers, fearless adventurers and collectors. And Muscadet wines are a natural match to these refined pleasures! A far cry from simple bar wines, they are wines to be savored in Michelin-starred restaurants, wines that sublimate fine cuisine. They are wines for special occasions, moments that require a certain elegance and refinement without sacrificing the freshness characteristic of Muscadet. Cultivated on singular terroirs by passionate winegrowers, these regional appellations—small-scale in size but exceptional in what they have to offer—deliver a level of excellence that far surpasses common conceptions. From the most subtle to the most powerful, they deliver great complexity and length. They are ready to stand the test of time. Whatever the future may bring, the best is yet to come.

« Le Muscadet (…) This white wine, very dry, fine fruity with a light muscat fragrance and a rifle stone flavor (…) keeps ten to fifteen years when it is well vinified and harvested sufficiently ripe. »

L'origine des produit agricoles. Un vin blanc d'origine : le Muscadet - 1957


Fine lees are natural yeast that has transformed the sugar in the grapes into alcohol. Following fermentation, this yeast brings richness, complexity, a characteristic fullness and, very importantly, aging potential to wines that are left in contact with it. All MUSCADET & Terroirs wines, with the exception of Malvoisie wines, are matured “sur lie,” or on lees, from six to twenty-four months. And the most exceptional wines may undergo maturing on lees for up to forty-eight months.

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