Les Coteaux d'Ancenis Malvoisie

The wines

Perfect as an apéritif or with dessert, Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie is a sweet wine made from Pinot Gris, a rarity in the region. Its golden hue can range from pale gold to an orange-tinged nuance depending on the age of the vintage. Its subtle nose evokes spring with notes of acacia and ripe and exotic fruit including litchi. After a few years of cellaring, the wine’s bouquet takes on notes of honey. On the palate it is round, crisp and very refined, with a long, fresh finish.

The terroir

Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie is situated between the regions of Nantes and Anjou on both banks of the Loire, reaching from Ingrandes to Carquefou on the right bank and from Saint Florent Le Vieil to La Varenne on the left bank.

Recognized as an AOC in 2011, the 150 hectares (371 acres) under vine of the aptly named Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie are often planted on hilly slopes (“coteaux” is French for “hills”). Soils are composed of schist, mica schist, gneiss and greenstone.

Suggestions for enjoying Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie

Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie is wonderful as an apéritif or with dessert but it may also be enjoyed throughout a meal.

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