The Crus Communaux

Exceptional Loire wines

Muscadet’s crus communaux are the best wines that the Nantes wine region has to offer. Complex with excellent aging potential, Muscadet’s crus communaux are a perfect choice for fine dining. While the young vintages are lively and delightful, it is upon aging that these wines reveal their opulence: they are the great wines of Val de Loire.

Produced from low-yield grapevines and the result of long maturing on lees—a minimum of eighteen to twenty-four months—these wines reveal the exceptional nature of the subsoil of their outstanding terroirs. Muscadet’s ten crus communaux are cultivated on two hundred hectares (494 acres) of vineyard by one hundred winegrowers.

Each cru communal has its own personality, a reflection of its singular terroir, that expresses itself distinctly upon tasting.

Discover the Crus Communaux

Suggestions for enjoying Muscadet’s crus communaux

As with all great white wines, it would be a shame to drink any of the crus communaux straight out of the refrigerator. Whether refined or powerful in character, the crus communaux are no exception: they cannot fully reveal themselves when served too cold. It is best to take them out of the refrigerator a half-hour before serving so they may be enjoyed around 12°C (54°F).

You may even open them an hour beforehand to let them breathe or decant them shortly before serving. Muscadet’s crus communaux have the necessary structure and their aromas will flourish.

To fully reveal the qualities of these wines, use your favorite wine glasses, preferably ones that are neither too wide nor too flared at the rim.

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