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Bream and smoked haddock tartare with coconut and lime

By Frédéric Chiron, Le Petit Boucot – Nantes

For 4


Ingredients :

400 g (14 oz.) bream fillets
200 g (7 oz.) smoked haddock
1 fresh coconut, cut into cubes
Thai basil
A few radishes
Salt and pepper
2 limes
4 tbsp. coconut milk
4 tbsp. olive oil

Step 1 : Prepare the sauce: mix the juices of the two limes, coconut milk and olive oil.

Step 2 : Cut the 2 fish into cubes.

Step 3 : Drizzle the sauce over the cubes of fish and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step 4 : Add the chopped Thai basil and the coconut. Mix and add pepper.

Step 5 : Plate the fish and sprinkle with Thai basil leaves, grated coconut and thin slices of radish.