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Brill fillets, tangy carrot-raspberry purée and baby carrots al dente

By Nicolas Guiet, l’U.Ni – Nantes

For 4


Ingredients :

1 brill (1.2 kg [2.6 lb.]) or 4 fillets (150 g [5.3 oz.] each)
2 bunches carrots
2 bunches baby rainbow carrots
1 bunch green asparagus
White balsamic vinegar
White balsamic cream
White vinegar
Espelette pepper
Cumin powder
8 raspberries
Vino cotto

Step 1 : Fillet the brill and trim the 4 fillets to make equal portions.

Step 2 : Season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Wrap in film in an airtight fashion. Bake at 70°C (158°F) for 20 minutes. Open each papillote just before serving.

Step 3 : Peel the bunches of carrots. Set aside 4 for the juice. Cut in small rounds and cook in a pot of salted boiling water.

Step 4 : Once they are cooked, blend them with the raspberries, a dash of each vinegar and a dash of Vino Cotto. Add a touch of Espelette pepper.

Step 5 : Juice the 4 remaining carrots and season with a touch of cumin powder, a dash of white vinegar and a dash of white balsamic cream.

Step 6 : Immerse the baby carrots in a pot of salted boiling water. As soon as you can slice into the center of a carrot with the tip of a knife, place them in ice-cold water. Once they are cold, rub them between your fingers to remove the skin.

Step 7 : Reheat the different ingredients and spoon the purée on a plate in the shape of a drop. Then arrange the baby carrots and fish on top in an attractive fashion. Emulsify the carrot juice and spoon the foam onto the edge of the purée.