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Line-caught turbot grilled à la plancha with periwinkles and spring shallot confit

By Mathieu Guibert, Anne de Bretagne – La Plaine-sur-Mer

For 4

Ingredients :

1 kg (2.2 lb.) whole turbot
150 g (5.3 oz.) periwinkles
Chopped parsley

12 spring shallots
3 cl (1 fl. oz.) shellfish jus
Xérès vinegar to taste
120 g (4.2 oz.) golden chanterelles
12 cockles
8 razor clams

120 g (4.2 oz.) shallots
10 cl (3.4 fl. oz.) white vinegar
15 cl (5 fl. oz.) Muscadet
5 cl (1.7 fl. oz.) heavy cream
120 g (4.2 oz.) salted butter

  • Prepare the sauce: place the chopped shallots, white wine and white vinegar in a pan and bring to a reduction over low heat. After a few hours, add the heavy cream, let simmer for a few minutes and add the butter (it should be quite cold and cut into cubes). Adjust the seasoning if necessary. The sauce should be creamy and tart.
  • Bring the periwinkles to a boil in a large pot of water. Let them cool in the cooking water. Once they have cooled, shell them and set aside.
  • Prepare the side: peel and gently sauté the spring shallots with salted butter. When they are cooked, add the shellfish jus and Xérès vinegar.
  • Sauté the golden chanterelles quickly with the chopped shallots.
  • Boil the shellfish for a few seconds in salted water. Let them cool and then shell them.
  • Prepare the turbot: remove the small fins, descale and cut into steaks. Grill on high heat on a plancha; do not overcook. Remove the large spiny fins.
  • At the same time, sauté the periwinkles in salted butter and add the chopped parsley just before serving.
  • To serve: place the turbot steaks on the spring shallots. Place the sautéed periwinkles on top. Curve the golden chanterelles and shellfish around one side of the turbot. The sauce should be served in a sauceboat.