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Veal rump steaks with smoky eggplant caviar, vegetables and black sesame jus

By Frédéric Chiron, Le Petit Boucot – Nantes

For 4


Ingredients :

4 veal rump steaks
4 young artichokes (Violet de Provence variety)
50 g (1.8 oz.) cooked fava beans
500 g (17.5 oz.) shiitake mushrooms
4 eggplant
Thyme blossoms
1 tbsp. cream cheese
1 tsp. black sesame paste
250 ml (8 fl. oz.) veal stock

Step 1 : Burn the skin of the eggplant over a burner, then score the skin and season with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme blossoms. Wrap in aluminum foil and let steam-bake in the oven.

Step 2 : Prepare the eggplant caviar: remove the pulp and dry it out in a pan. Then mix in the cream cheese.

Step 3 : Prepare the artichokes and cook them in salted boiling water. Cut them in half.

Step 4 : Sauté the shiitake mushrooms in a frying pan.

Step 5 : Warm the veal stock and add the black sesame paste and a dab of butter. Blend.

Step 6 : Cook the veal steaks until medium-rare and let rest.

Step 7 : Place a dollop of eggplant caviar in the middle of a plate with the mushrooms and beans around it.

Step 8 : Cut the steaks in two and place one piece left and right of the eggplant. Place the two artichoke halves above and below the eggplant.

Step 9 : Top with the sauce.