Let’s eat! - Muscadet

Let’s eat!

Let’s eat! - Muscadet

Nantes wines are the most oceanic of the Loire wines. Unequivocally grounded in this great historic winegrowing area, itself rooted in the mighty untamed river, they also display a unique maritime character, closely linked to the nearby Atlantic and its intense freshness, redolent of ocean spray.

The Nantes vineyards’ diverse terroirs offer an infinite range of possible pairings for all types of cuisine: from dishes influenced by the ocean or the Loire to comforting home cooking, not to mention those offering instant enjoyment like street food or aperitifs, more elaborate and sophisticated fine dining, or surprising but tasty fare.


Find countless inspirations for Muscadet food and wine pairings in 5 categories:

  • Sea & Wines
  • Street Food
  • Chic
  • Family Style
  • Unexpected



Muscadet wines: what do restaurant professionals have to say?


Discover our wines through the testimonies of these experts, who will also give you some ideas for food and wine pairings…



You’ll find all the great places to eat in the Guide des Tables de Nantes and its I LOVE MUSCADET label.


Enjoy the experience at one of these restaurants throughout the year, or at culinary events such as the Epaulée Nantaise, the Nuit des Tables de Nantes or the Grand Marché des Pays de la Loire.