AOC Muscadet - Muscadet

AOC Muscadet

AOC Muscadet - Muscadet

The Wines

The freshness and lightness of Muscadet wines differentiate them from Muscadet sur lie and Cru du Muscadet wines. They deliver the delightful qualities of youth with airy, refreshing, fruity wines that reveal notes of peach, pear, apple and quince, a nice contrast to their slightly bitter quality.

The Terroir

The Muscadet region includes all the AOCs in the Nantes wine region. The AOC Muscadet became an official appellation in 1937. Its 1300 hectares (3211 acres) of grapevines reach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Anjou region and from the Loire to Vendée. Situated on the Armorican Massif, Muscadet’s subsoil is a mosaic principally composed of igneous and sedimentary rock including gneiss, mica schist and gabbro.