Our Values - Muscadet


We are Muscadet winegrowers and we are passionate about the ocean. The ocean affects our wines more profoundly than anywhere else. It tempers our vines; its backwash shapes the gravel in our soils; it is carried inland on the wind. But the freshwater that surrounds us is also crucial to our wines: we are indebted to the Loire and its tributaries for irrigating and protecting our vines.

We are coastal winegrowers. From our vineyards we see the sailing of ships, the start of new adventures. The wines we produce are reminiscent of the foam, the salt, the brine and the menthol of the sea: their astonishing freshness cannot but evoke the ocean.

We are winegrowers of the West. Our grapes grow further west than anywhere else in France. We are close to seafarers; we supply their ports. Our wines are sold from Île d’Yeu to Cancale and our vines reach from Pornic to Ancenis.

You will find us at the mouth of the Loire and along the shores of the Atlantic. We are wedded to the waters. A ceaseless source of oysters, langoustines, periwinkles, cockles, fish to be grilled or served with a beurre blanc sauce and even frogs’ legs, the ocean will forever inspire us.

The waters have transformed us: we have become seafarers of the vine. We survive storms; we remain at the helm. We care deeply about our wines and are ready to fight, whatever it takes.

We may be men and women of few words but our doors are always open, our wineglasses always at the ready. We cherish humility but we feel great pride in our wines, which are capable of aging ten, twenty, thirty or even forty years, for the finest vintages. They are truly exceptional wines, indeed worth discovering!

There are many of us, but we share the same passions and the same goals: we make wine from Melon de Bourgogne, the only grape variety of its kind in the world. It is not an easy plant: it is sensitive to frost and delivers low yield; it requires short pruning and growers must stoop down to tend to each plant. But Melon de Bourgogne remains dear to us because it is a tribute to our land. It is through these grapes that the granite, schist, gabbro and gneiss of our soils express themselves.

We come from Brittany and Loire. But first and foremost, together we are the winegrowers of Nantes. Our capital city perpetuates values that run deep: Nantes is innovative and multi-cultural; it fosters a mélange of diverse culinary skills and influences, and its culinary delights are sublimated by our wines in its restaurants. Like Nantes, a gateway to the world, we welcome visitors and embrace innovation. We constantly seek to modernize our vineyards in a never-ending quest of authenticity and quality. And these efforts have proven worthwhile: our wines and terroirs are appreciated by connoisseurs and wine-lovers around the globe. We are so proud to be here.

We are the winegrowers of Nantes and we hold the future in our bottles of wine.

«We are the winegrowers of Nantes and

we hold the future

in our bottles of wine.»

Our Values - Muscadet
Our Values - Muscadet