YES CHEF! - Muscadet


Muscadet wines: what do restaurant professionals have to say?

Discover our wines through the testimonies of these experts, who will also give you some ideas for food and wine pairings…

YES CHEF! - Muscadet
YES CHEF! - Muscadet


Michelin-starred Chef at Lulu Rouget, Nantes

« As a chef from Nantes with a passion for wine, it would be impossible for me to promote my region without also mentioning the wines of Nantes and Muscadet, which are our wine-growing heritage.
For Muscadet, we’re lucky that a single grape variety gives us such a multitude of expressions thanks to the variety of soils and our winegrowers’ strong identities. From their ancestors who cleared the land to the young people starting out today, a dynamic has been established. Great red wines are even starting to emerge.
It’s a particular pleasure for me to pair food and wine in my restaurant, and even more so with Melon de Bourgogne or Folle Blanche, varieties that go so well with the salty, marine cuisine I offer.
And when you also establish a strong relationship with the winemaker, you’ve come full circle.
I’m proud to be an ambassador for Nantes wines!»

Photo credit : Christophe Bornet

YES CHEF! - Muscadet

Sébastien BLAIN,

Head Sommelier, Michelin-starred L’Epicurien restaurant, Abbaye de Villeneuve, Les Sorinières

«There isn’t just one Muscadet, there are many Muscadets.

Long sidelined, Nantes wines are back under the spotlight. Since the arrival of the Cru Communal designation, Muscadet has changed. We now know how to produce terroir-driven wines with depth, complexity and ageing potential.

I like to present them during meals at L’Abbaye de Villeneuve because they are an essential part of our gastronomy, like the following dish, which I serve with Muscadets matured on the lees for an extensive period of time and aged for a few more years in the bottle:
Pollack with Kys oysters
Baby potatoes, borage
Hollandaise with oyster jus

With an ability to withstand climate change, they meet a growing demand for fresh, crisp white wines and light, low-alcohol reds.

I’m also keen to promote winemakers who care about the environment, respect their soils and engage in low-intervention winemaking.

The winegrowers are more than determined to guarantee and showcase the quality of their terroirs.

We would like to thank them for their generous and friendly welcome.”»

YES CHEF! - Muscadet


sommelier, OBBO, Nantes

« Long shunned by restaurateurs, a mistake that’s now been partially rectified, Muscadet is a perfect match for all kinds of dishes. Oysters and seafood, of course, but also roast poultry, sushi and Asian cuisine in general; and if you’re patient, with age this wine develops tropical and dried fruit notes that also work well with desserts.

And on the subject of desserts, what could be more famous in this region than gâteau nantais? I won’t bore you with the details, but local sourcing is one of the pillars of successful food and wine pairing.

As a result, Muscadet is becoming, as it should, a staple on our wine lists.

Everyone who visits our region must be able to explore it, taste it and feel it. This goes far beyond a type of grape, of soil and subsoil; it’s also down to the men and women who work to promote it, to break down preconceptions, by reconstructing an image and giving everyone a story to take home. 😉

Despite Muscadet’s undeniable prestige, a tree cannot grow without deep roots! Long considered acidic and lacking in depth, our winegrowers have managed to clear away the weeds that prevented it from growing. At the same time, the city of Nantes has finally woken up to its responsibilities towards its vineyards.

Today, we’re lucky enough to be able to include several Muscadets on the wine list, and we’re proud to offer a different, comprehensive range that caters for a variety of tastes and requirements in our restaurant.  »

Photo credit : Anatole Gonon (IG