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Albacore tuna with raspberries, cucumbers and tomato water

By Christophe François, Les Chants d’Avril – Nantes

For 4


Ingredients :

400 g (14 oz.) fresh albacore tuna
1 package raspberries
½ cucumber
1 bunch white onions
200 g (7 oz.) ripe tomatoes
Capers with stems
Fresh chervil
Salt and pepper

Step 1 : Blend the tomatoes and allow to drain for 2 hours in a fine-weave cloth. Salt and save the tomato water.

Step 2 : Cut the tuna into small pieces (50 g [1.8 oz.] each).

Step 3 : Cut the cucumber in triangles and the white onions in half.

Step 4 : Heat a dry non-stick frying pan and sauté the cucumbers until they are slightly burnt.

Step 5 : Sauté the white onions the same way.

Step 6 : Color the tuna in a dash of olive oil for barely 1 minute. It should stay quite pink in the center. Salt and pepper.

Step 7 : Pour some tomato water in a shallow bowl. Then arrange the tuna, onions and cucumber in an attractive fashion.

Step 8 : Cut the raspberries in half and sprinkle them on top, followed by the capers and some sprigs of fresh chervil.