Champtoceaux - Muscadet


Champtoceaux - Muscadet


The wines of Champtoceaux are velvety, even silky, with dense texture and an intense, complex nose. Younger vintages deliver notes of orange blossom and fresh fruit like citrus fruit and peach while older vintages develop notes of spice and aromatic herbs (thyme, sage, licorice) as well as of pastry. An elegant bitter quality and a light tartness make for a fresh, refined balance. These wines are matured on lees for a minimum of seventeen months.


Champtoceaux is the youngest cru communal, and the only one to be located in Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire. Its vines grow on hills around Ancenis rising above both banks of the Loire overlooking the river. They also surround nearby tributaries including the Divatte, the Erdre and the Evre, thriving on open, well-ventilated land with optimal sun exposure. Turbulent weather conditions have given rise to soils resulting from the metamorphism of sedimentary basins primarily composed of mica schist with some gneiss, leptynite, amphibolite and schist.