La Haye Fouassière - Muscadet

La Haye Fouassière

La Haye Fouassière - Muscadet

The wines

The wines of La Haye Fouassière exhibit tension and refinement. They are extremely expressive, with notes of menthol, fruit and flowers and a flinty, mineral character. The grapes from which they are produced reach maturity early on, so they generally reach full expression after only eighteen months of maturing on lees, a significantly shorter period than required by neighboring crus.

The terroir

Situated on the right bank of the Sèvre, La Haye Fouassière is the westernmost cru communal of the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellation. Its soils are shallow and range from pebbly to very pebbly as they run along the sharp slopes that rise above the Sèvre. Grapevines are precocious, and the growth cycle progresses rapidly from bud break to maturity. The subsoil was formed from a massif composed mostly of orthogneiss.

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