Mouzillon-Tillères - Muscadet


Mouzillon-Tillères - Muscadet


The wines of Mouzillon-Tillières display a recognizable, tightly woven structure with a lovely bitter quality. Their complex aromatic palette includes notes of citrus zest, thyme, poached pear and gentle spices.


Along with Vallet, this cru communal is found in the easternmost part of the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine region. The woody meanderings of the Sanguèze river, at the heart of Mouzillon-Tillières, create a unique ambiance: rows of grapevines rise from the hills around the river like a series of islets. Moderately deep soils are composed of coarsely decomposed gabbro, locally known as “chappe,” often topped by a surface of sand and clay.

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