Goulaine - Muscadet


Goulaine - Muscadet


Elegant and harmonious, the wines of Goulaine deliver opulence and balance. Aromas of ripe fruit, poached pear, vineyard peach, quince, dried fruit and honey are followed by lovely tension on the finish. They are matured on lees for twenty to thirty months.


Located on a series of hills overlooking the low-lying swamps of Goulaine, this cru communal enjoys a singular topography and climate. The landscape varies greatly from one season to the next: the land is often submerged underwater. A microclimate of gentler weather than elsewhere in the region allows its grapes to mature quickly, making Goulaine systematically the first appellation to harvest. Soils run from shallow to moderately deep and are mostly composed of sand, some of which is coarsely grained. The underlying subsoil is primarily siliceous metamorphic rock (gneiss and mica schist).

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