Gorges - Muscadet


Gorges - Muscadet


The wines of Gorges are characterized by their long, lingering finish. They deliver tension on the palate and aromas of menthol, lemon, smoke and even flint, sometimes with notes of citrus fruit and zest. Somewhat muted when young, the wines of Gorges require long maturing—twenty-four to forty months—to fully reveal their potential.


Gorges is the oldest of Muscadet’s crus communaux; its winegrowers began preparing for the process of AOC recognition as early as the mid-nineties. Situated on hills and knolls around the Sèvre and its tributaries, Gorges is characterized by deep soils of decomposed clay and clay with quartz pebbles with medium to high fertility, beneath which lies a homogenous subsoil mostly composed of gabbro.

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