Château-Thébaud - Muscadet


Château-Thébaud - Muscadet


The wines of Château-Thébaud evoke vegetal aromas including fennel and licorice and spices like anise. They deliver balance and an elegant tension on the palate with a slightly salty finish. To fully reveal their potential, they require long aging on lees, for thirty-six to forty-eight months.


The wooded, often abrupt hills of Château-Thébaud curve around the Maine. Grapevines thrive on tall slopes that open out, overlooking the bell towers of neighboring villages on the distant horizon before reaching along the left banks of the Maine and the Sèvre. Soils are mostly sandy (from disintegrated rock) but also stony in some places and shallow. The subsoil is composed of granodiorite (calco-alkaline granite) and gneiss resulting from this granite.

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